Fast Dry Precision Cleaner
certified for use by Western Power Distribution for power generation cleaning & maintenance

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De-Solv-it Fast Dry Precision Cleaner (DSI 1000FD) is listed by major power generation distributor Western Power Distribution in the UK as an essential cleaner and degreaser for electrical components & switchgear.
It has the advantages of delivering a very high standard of cleaning performance, dries quickly on the surface to leave no residues behind and has a di-electric strength of 30,000 volts.
The fast drying citrus degreaser is used manually for the removal of oils, greases, bitumen and cable jelly from cable jointings, manually by operators in the field.

It is also certified for the cleaning of low voltage switchgear units. These are boxes, often at the side of the road, which are filled with circuitry and relays for monitoring the flow of energy. These units contain oil which needs to be cleaned out when maintenance is required without damaging the sensitive components inside. Fast Dry Precision Cleaner (DSI 1000FD) is the product WPD list for use in this operation.

Fast Dry Precision Cleaner (DSI 1000FD) is also the solvent impregnated into the High Performance Wipes (DSI 1000HPW). These wipes are used for the manual degreasing of ‘boom’ components found on electricity pylons, by engineers out in the field.