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Mykal were asked by a key distributor to demonstrate their range of Graffiti Removers to a large Local Authority Services Provider. The customer needed to see how they worked, the different pack sizes and whether there were any H & S issues. It was felt the best way to do this was to demonstrate the range in a live on-site application.
The Service Provider was using several graffiti removers including a very thick gel, non-flammable but corrosive; and an acetone based aerosol. However, the supply of these items was no longer available.

The demonstration was carried out on a flint filled concrete wall covered in several colours of graffiti. Comparative tests were done using the current Gel product and Mykal Graffiti Remover-Plus (MYS 6000GRP).

Both products were liberally painted onto the wall, using a wallpaper paste brush; the Mykal product was applied using a stiff short bristled brush and left for around 10 minutes before pressure washing off.
Both products were successful and the results looked very similar but the Graffiti Remover-Plus (MYS 6000GRP) had worked slightly better (in the opinion of the Department Head).
Further demonstrations were carried out on a parking ticket machine, a dog bin, an information board (with a polycarbonate cover), park benches and metal railings. The customer cannot use their current graffiti remover on clear polycarbonate plastics without causing the plastic to mist over. Equally it could not be used on park benches without removing the paint underneath the graffiti.

The Mykal Graffiti Remover (MYS 6000GRA) & Graffiti Remover Wipes (MYS 6000GRW) were successfully trialled on the polycarbonate, with no ‘misting’. The Graffiti Remover (MYS 6000GRA) aerosol & Graffiti Remover Wipes (MYS 6000GRW) were successful in removing graffiti from the painted dog bin and railings, with no removal of paint. The Graffiti Remover (MYS 6000GRA) aerosol was again successfully tested on the park benches, with no adverse effects.
The graffiti covering the ticket machine was removed easily using the Graffiti Remover Wipes (MYS 6000GRW); this was on the painted surface, a glass panel and a plastic cover over the coin slot.

The Graffiti Remover (MYS 6000GRA) aerosol was also successfully demonstrated for this application.
The Department Head and the operators were happy that the Graffiti Remover-Plus (MYS 6000GRP) performed to expectations so they could replace the incumbent product. They were also very happy with the Graffiti Remover (MYS 6000GRA) aerosol and Graffiti Remover Wipes (MYS 6000GRW) for plastic, metal and painted surfaces in the parks.