High Performance Degreaser
automotive gear box manufacturing

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Mykal’s leading citrus based solvent cleaner, De-Solv-it® High Performance Degreaser (DSI 1000), is approved for use in a critical Automotive Industry procedure and is widely used across Europe.
Following on from approvals by NATO, DEFSTAN and DEFRA among others, a leading car industry giant based in Germany has specified De-Solv-it® High Performance Degreaser (DSI 1000) as the product for use in their ‘Determination of Residual Dirt in Finished Engine & Gear Components’ procedure.

This is a key stage of the manufacturing process and relates to issues of cleanliness and Quality Control prior to assembly or dispatch. Components are tested quantitatively by rinsing the overall surface, boreholes and cavities, to wash out dirt particles. The rinsed dirt is then collected, dried, weighed and analysed.
If a test sample is found to contain residual dirt particles greater than is permissible, it is marked down as Not OK and the washing procedure must be re-examined to ensure the most acceptable residue levels are achieved. Component batches which are signed as Not OK must be re-washed and re-measured.
De-Solv-it® High Performance Degreaser (DSI 1000) has been selected by this industry giant due to its excellent levels of cleaning performance, proven over many years across virtually all sectors of industry.