Fast Dry Precision Cleaner
marches on to DEFSTAN approval

De-Solv-it Fast Dry Precision Cleaner (DSI 1000FD) has been awarded a DEFSTAN number as approved for use within the armed forces in the UK. Following a search and trials with a variety of products, Fast Dry Precision Cleaner (DSI 1000FD) was awarded the MOD Defence Standard number 08-121 (NES 844) for ‘Acoustic Cladding Treatment Using Epoxide Adhesive Systems’ – essentially the cleaning and preparation of surfaces prior to bonding.

Fast Dry Precision Cleaner (DSI 1000FD) was chosen due to its excellent degreasing performance, fast drying capabilities and good safety profile. The fact it is not a chlorinated, aromatic or paraffin-based cleaner was very much in its favour due to the enclosed working conditions.
Fast Dry Precision Cleaner (DSI 1000FD) is designed for the cleaning of engineering and electrical components, including printed circuit boards. It has a high Di-electric strength of 30,000 volts and removes oils, greases and cutting fluids. It is ideally suited to the pre-treatment of surfaces prior to bonding or coating as the fast drying formulation leaves no surface residue and contains no ozone depleting chlorinated solvents.