High Performance Degreaser
Oil Spill Clean-Up Operation 2: Turkey, Dry Dock

De.Solv.It® High Performance Degreaser (DSI 1000) has once again been successfully applied in an emergency oil spill clean-up operation, this time in Turkey, April 2009.

The spill occured at a shipyard in Istanbul where a salvaged vessel had been drydocked. The oil was being held in tanks in the bottom of the vessel which had been damaged, causing the oil to leak out and pollute the drydock and surrounding area.


Due to the length of time the oil had been in contact with the surface prior to treatment, some repeat applications were required in certain areas to fully remove the contamination.

In total, 12 vessels and the whole drydock was cleaned using De.Solv.It® in conjunction with steam, absorbents and skimmers, allowing approximately 10 tons of oil to be collected from the surface.

De.Solv.It® High Performance Degreaser (DSI 1000) is a citrus based, non-flammable solvent degreaser.

When applied to heavily oil contaminated surfaces, the solvent starts to penetrate the oil immediately. In doing so it breaks the bonding of the long chain molecules, reducing viscosity and destroying the adhesion of the oil to the substrate.

It is both MMO and Marine Scotland approved for use as a Surface Cleaner Oil Dispersant in exactly this type of operation.

It has been used previously to clean up oil spills in Alaska, USA (Exxon Valdez, 1989), the UK (Sea Empress, 1996) and more recently in the Faroe Islands (2007).

De.Solv.It® High Performance Degreaser (DSI 1000) was the only chemical cleaner permitted by the authorities for use in the clean-up operation.