Aquasolv Spray Wash Cleaners from Mykal Keep Marching Forward

Mykal have great pleasure in announcing that their Aquasolv Spray Wash Cleaner-VCI (Aqua 10VCI) has been awarded the NATO Stock Code Number 6850-99-212-5846 for use by armed forces around the world.

Spray Wash Cleaner-VCI is a highly concentrated, low alkaline, aqueous cleaner for use in all types of high pressure spray equipment, including rotary basket washers and multi-stage operations. It is designed to remove oil, grease and swarf from steel and cast-iron parts in manufacturing, assembly, pre-paint and refurbishment operations.

Spray Wash Cleaner-VCI also contains patented Vapour Corrosion Inhibitors that form a molecular layer over the surface of ferrous metals. This provides components with superb corrosion protection for up to 3 months in storage.

Mykal Marketing Manager Matthew Dent says:
“This new NATO codification is a deserved reward for the excellent performance and environmental benefits gained by using Spray Wash Cleaner-VCI, even in demanding military conditions, and a testament to our Aquasolv range as a whole.”

The Aquasolv range also contains cleaners for heavy duty applications and non-ferrous metals, as well as offering up to 12 months corrosion protection with Spray Wash Cleaner-VCI Plus (Aqua 10VCI2).

For more information about Aquasolv Spray Wash Cleaner-VCI (Aqua 10VCI) or any Mykal products please contact:
Matthew Dent
Marketing Manager
Tel: 0151 422 1180